Monday, January 10, 2011

To All My Neighbors, You Got Much Flava

I don't think it's safe to pledge allegiance to one region as far as the art of dressing is concerned. As someone who's lived on both coasts, I can honestly say that tackiness knows no bounds, even in the big city. I may be overzealous in calling it an 'art', but when it comes to style, sometimes visual aesthetics give the impression of an astute and innate attention to detail, like this look I came across recently on the illustrious Lookbook. 'Only in California' describes this simply unassuming, yet grabbing outfit that proves to be deft in assembly, given the overall uncomplicatedness of it all.

The slouchy, relaxed silhouette, contrasting richness of textures, and pithy baubles communicate something that doesn't merely rely on the surface. To be filed under 'Inspiration board'.

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