Saturday, December 25, 2010

My First Sewing Project

So in an effort to pull as far away from commercially manufactured clothing as possible, I am finally taking the time to learn how to sew...on my own. Having grown up with a mother to whom sewing is like second nature, I've become familiar with the mainstay Simplicity and Butterick-type patterns, and wasn't all too fond of the painfully trendy, hackneyed styles. Which is why I was so excited to come across this awesomely retro, Muslim-friendly pattern, circa 1975, at the Brooklyn General Store this weekend. Being a novice, I don't harbor the skills to make my own patterns just yet, so finding one that so perfectly suits my tastes was an exciting relief.

Although I'm finding it to be a little more complicated than I had anticipated, I'm looking forward to the process and seeing the end result, whether good or bad. Updates to come!


  1. Please do update us. I too have been meaning to take up sewing. A year ago I tried to take on making a Kameez Shalwar for my infant son(no real pattern just did whatever looked and felt right)and it came out very cute. I'm still a little apprehensive about doing something for myself but we'll see. PS. I love your blog, It's very fresh I think, keep it up! :)

  2. Good Luck! Ive been meaning to learn how to sew too but have not found a pattern inspiring enough,
    (excuses huh:) ). Keep Us updated on yr projects!

    Btw, I hope you dont mind that i added you as a link on my blog.