Saturday, December 25, 2010

My First Sewing Project

So in an effort to pull as far away from commercially manufactured clothing as possible, I am finally taking the time to learn how to sew...on my own. Having grown up with a mother to whom sewing is like second nature, I've become familiar with the mainstay Simplicity and Butterick-type patterns, and wasn't all too fond of the painfully trendy, hackneyed styles. Which is why I was so excited to come across this awesomely retro, Muslim-friendly pattern, circa 1975, at the Brooklyn General Store this weekend. Being a novice, I don't harbor the skills to make my own patterns just yet, so finding one that so perfectly suits my tastes was an exciting relief.

Although I'm finding it to be a little more complicated than I had anticipated, I'm looking forward to the process and seeing the end result, whether good or bad. Updates to come!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Let's Get Some Shoes...

I came across the new collection of Doc Martens for the S/S 2011 season, and not only was I fawning over the textured, patterned, low-top styles, but I immediately thought of that song about shoes.

I want these shoes...let's get some shoes.


Next year is the launch of my new website with my partner, Ash:

It's a platform for fashion, life, art, music and intellect on a retro, yet forward-thinking plane. With this site, I hope to bring forth the essence of days gone by, when things were simple, honest and whole without pretension or lack of foresight, something that seems to be nearly obsolete these days. So come January 2011, be on the lookout.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Carly Margolis Does it Again

The Mothership collection has finally landed. Intergalactic soul in the form of hardened metals, lithesome fibers, and buttery leather. Pieces that are enmeshed in abstract detail with a tribute to the spirit realm—something so intangible yet so apparent. Jewelry designer Carly Margolis brings earthed elements and the vastness of outer space into one, something that she constantly manages to do so beautifully. Her All For The Mountain line has always been inundated with these characteristics, universal details that are repeated, but not duplicated in the new Mothership collection. This time around, naturally-occurring symmetry is a prevailing theme along with her signature leanings toward innate disproportion.