Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Juxtaposition in Balance

Within a template of marble prints and unassuming neutrals, Belarus-born, German-based designer, Anna Jazewitsch injects offbeat architecture and three-dimensional art into her premier collection. I'm always impressed to see elements that don't always present itself as traditionally garment-appropriate, as they make for the most interesting and grabbing pieces of work. Jazewitsch definitely grabs you with her line, the first series titled “Marmographica”, which is a melange of geometrical structure, artful asymmetry, and both masculine and feminine character.

I appreciate Jazewitsch's use of uneven proportions, which is a recurring theme throughout. This could be a deliberate tactic based solely on Jazewitsch's affinity for this type of detail, or something more enigmatic. Either way, the entire aesthetic gives off an air of complexity that doesn't undermine the collection's beauty. That beauty lies within contrasting silhouettes and hues: one-shouldered peplum dresses, abstract prints, hyper-structured blazers with irregular lapels, and two-toned tapered trousers. It's unapologetic in it's irreverent opposition.

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