Friday, November 19, 2010

It's Cold, and I Don't Care

Being from southern California, I'm accustomed to practically year-round warmth. But since moving to New York City, I've had to get used to something most people typically experience--seasons. This will be my second fall on the east coast, and to my own surprise, I'm not pining for the seasonably askew temps of San Bernardino. I actually enjoy the drastic change from summer to fall, and the rituals that go along with preparing for the frigid months ahead, especially that of finding the perfect coat.

Which was just the case one day while shopping at my favorite thrift store, Beacon's Closet, a haven for exceptionally chic and underrated used and vintage clothes. It didn't take long for me to find a coat that would not only perform it's function, but stir the senses as well. This 1950's-ish long, silvery grey coat eventually found it's way into my own closet. Made out of 100% pure wool, it's nostalgic in that it reminds me of something a fifties-era housewife would wear while carrying hat boxes Madison Ave. For a modest $22 dollars, I get to revel in it's sophisticated and ladylike veneer, if only to pretend to go back in time.


  1. Love this post and this coat. I agree that entering into actual seasons is something us Cali girls miss.

    PS: Gimme that purse, woman.

  2. I love this post!