Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hidden Treasures

I have a newfound, true love for vintage. In the past I'd make the occasional trip to Goodwill or neighborhood thrift shop, but as of late, coming to terms with the despairing state of current manufacturing practices has led me completely back into the arms of old. This weekend was the second time I've stepped foot in What Goes Around Comes Around, a moderately-sized, much frequented vintage shop in the SoHo. The first time I went, somewhere around this time last year, I didn't stay that long; one look at the price tags, and I immediately turned on my heels, scoffing at the idea of the such exorbitant prices on used clothes. However it was the lure of a sample and stock sale--thanks, Daily Candy--that put me on the F train to Manhattan to see what I could get my cheap little hands on.

Wedged in between the racks, only visible by it's floor-skimming length, was this beautiful, long-sleeved dress. Very Little House on the Prarie, this 1860's-inspired, full-skirted beauty caught my attention immediately. An understated olive green with an eye-catching white pepper and olive print (at first I thought they were flowers), a breast panel closure with red piping, and lacquered red and yellow buttons add a modern eccentricity to an old-fashioned uniform. Besides the fact I paid a reasonable $30 dollars for my find, I now own a one-of-a-kind, handmade garment to which the absence of a label and primitive stitching prove.


  1. A vintage lover myself, I really love the dress you bought! You look lovely~
    What I love about some vintage dress is that most of them are muslimah-friendly <3

  2. GREAT find. So that means the next time I'm in NYC..I need to check out a vintage store? I'm actually looking for a 'maxi skirt' and due to the fact that I'm short...I'm sure I can find something to refashion.