Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oversexed, Overdone: Leggings


The hyper-sexual overcast that ominously lingers over fashion today only seems to loom more heavily every time a seemingly innocent piece of clothing or trend reaches the point of inappropriate excess. This time, the culprit is the legging, possessing all the qualities of accessory, utility, lounge wear, outerwear, clubwear, etc. The list goes on, as this apparently simple garment has been taken to heights that only serve to make women more dependent on their physical appearance in the name of  attractiveness or style. The problem is, more often than not, as of late leggings are being worn in the most unsavory of ways, ways that may prompt someone to instinctively avert their eyes in case they've witnessed something that shouldn't be seen in the light of day, let alone in the midst of public display.


 I've seen it too many times. A young woman, robust or slender, takes it upon herself to wear a pair of barely opaque, second-skin leggings as...pants. The former being the most egregious offender, given the unflattering silhouette, and sometimes graphic spectacle of visible, albeit covered, flesh . I am often perplexed and hard-pressed to wrap my head around the idea of wearing something akin to underwear, something so thin that is seems oxymoronic to have worn them in the first place sans a sensible overlay . The tights are usually accompanied by a short tunic, tank or blousy top that slightly skims the beginning of  the ass crack, not leaving much to the imagination. One could say that this "fashion-don't" is just an unfortunate case of poor judgement, however this is not a rare occurrence.

This is a recent look that has prevailed and spread like the flu in wintertime, fostered by cultural pressures to constantly communicate sex in the way we dress. We are so far from empowering, that we've actually gone in the complete opposite direction. The majority of women and those idolized in entertainment purport an excessively sexual image, indicating that we are in fact, mindless drones all beating to the same overwhelming, male-dominated drum. How far have we really come, when I'm forced to scour thrift stores for a modest, ankle-length skirt, something that doesn't seem to even be made on a commercial scale nowadays? Where a reserved approach to dressing is an anomaly, comparable to a primitive era or prudish propaganda?

My other qualm stems from the lazily hackneyed way people are using leggings to "dress up". The leggings and long top-thing couldn't be less imaginative or bland. It doesn't take much creativity to take an over-sized shirt and black leggings and call it an outfit. If anything, it's a dated, ubiquitous trend that unless people, at the very least, attempt to step outside of the box, I call for a moratorium on leggings, indefinitely. But alas, since I neither have the pull or authority to do such a thing, my only advice is this: take what the masses are doing and do the opposite. Or better yet, leave the leggings in the gym.


  1. i agree....leggings as pants is lame. however i am guilty of wearing a long top and leggings from time to time.

  2. I agree that fashion is more and more portraying woman in a diminishing way, making them think that only those fit enough are pretty and that showing off more of their body (in a very sexual way, I must add) is the way to go.
    The other day I found a youtube video in which a man, not professing any specific religion, said that girls dressed showing their bodies were "b****es" and that he respected the "sistas" who dressed more decently. If men themselves classify women like this, it's up to us to chose to which one of the groups we want to belong to.
    I'm not trying to convince anyone who feels great in leggings and t-shirt to stop wearing them. But just to think about the whole thing under another perspective.

  3. Salam there. I like your writing! =)

  4. Salam I agree with lyanne37! I also love you writing! You remind me of another blogger i love and I think you should check her out =)http://sliceoflemon.com/

  5. yup i feel uncomfortable wearing leggings as pants

  6. worry not. legging is only a phase. they'll stop wearing 'em as they got bored.

  7. women in tights are sexy!!!!
    i love women in leggings.its like you can tell exactly what a woman looks like naked when she's got leggings on and wears them as pants. very sexy. f the haters! keep rocking those tights!

  8. Yeah I agree, what is with excessive cleavage, microskirts and whatnot being 'in style' I mean women can look great in more conservative styles. And if you don't wear skin-tight/revealing clothes you're considered frumpy. Honestly, women aren't desperate for your attention, guys, and you need to stop being arrogant idiots who think its their right to have women showing off their bodies for you.

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