Monday, July 26, 2010

Worst Summer Trend: The Thong Flat Sandal Boot

I absolutely abhor this shoe. While I am all for updated classics, I can't understand why anyone would make the conscious decision to wear something so tacky and useless. I have yet to see this shoe look good on anyone, yet it's everywhere.

Warm weather brought an influx of the sandal bootie here in NYC--the flat, thonged version with a cylinder of fabric starting from the back of the heel and ending just above the ankle. It's this particular style that I have a problem with--the fact that it isn't complimentary whatsoever. Without a heel, or any type of elevation, the fabric which covers the ankle cuts through the line of the leg, giving a stout appearance. Not only that, but the style itself is ancient, and not in a good way. It's a literal interpretation of the Roman sandal, leaving me to wonder how this shoe would look good with anything besides a strategically draped piece of linen cloth.

There are better, more stylish (and breathable) options out there, should you feel the need to go gladiator:

Sandals by Sigerson Morrison

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